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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Kitty Waiting at My Door Step.

When I came back from my evening walkie last night, I saw that stinky stray kitty waiting at my doorstep. I wonder how he manage to find my house. I am staying on the 8th level. Does he know how to read numbers?

I wonder what makes a kitty risk its life waiting outside the house of a ferocious doggie like me? Don't he know that I am part of the A04 troop now? I can get my army friends to come and he will be a piece dead meat in a wee second... How dare him!?!? Grr..rrr... Arf arf.. I barked and barked at him but he was not even disturbed and he did not attempt to flee to save his own life. Grr..rr...

Daddy brought me into the house, took a small package from the fridge added some rice to it and left the house again WITHOUT ME!!! How could he??? Grrr..rr.. I went to jie jie and ask her to open the door for me. Can you guess what did I see when I got out of the house?

Look at how he is enjoying MY FISH AND MY RICE... Those were mine!!! How could daddy give MY FOOD to that stinky kitty? Even thou those were my left overs... They are still MINE even if I don't eat it!!! Grr..rr..

I just doesn't understand why jie jie forbid me from chasing him away and stop him from eating MY FOOD... Grr..rr..

and can you guess what did that stinky kitty told me?

Kitty: I will still eat and treat you like you were transparent...

OMDog... Isn't that maddening? Grr..rr..


Simba said...

That cat is properly been fed by a whole street by now. Cats are evil.

Simba xx

Jackson said...

Grrrrrr to all cats! J x

Boo said...

mom told me she used to feed stray catz at her office. she pity them coz they are like 2/3 of them and they look hungry and they keep on meowing... sigh! luckily she never bring any of them back.

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

At least that dumb kitty isn't eating out of your dish! How dare your dad!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

Hey at least you don't have them living in your house with you and your mom yells at you every time you try to take them out.

Oscar Airedale said...

That last photo just sums cats up!

Oscar x

Faya said...

How can you tolarate this ? Grrrrr....pffffff......rrrroarrrrr
Is it gone now ?
Kiss, Faya

Amber said...

Haha,the cat has short and fat tail,that's weird. How come got stary cat on the 8th floor. The cat used the elevator? heheh..
Oh..The cat smirked at you!!

Luv Amber!!

Billy said...

I have a same coloured cat that dares trespass in my yard! Mom won't let me out when he comes around because she knows I would chase him and she will never find me again! If I could just find a way out when he's around...

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Chilli the Dog said...

Grrr!! I've seen that cat somewhere before!!!

I was when I was waiting at your lobby for you to come down for our playdate. I thought I've told it to go away...BARK!!! BARK!!

You mean it's still hanging around your apartment! That sneaky cat, it must have just gone to hide and came out again when we're not around.

Come..we muz meet and tink of a way to get rid of this cat FOREVER!!! (dont let Jie Jie Ann or Mummy know abt this...I think they've been brainwashed but it)


Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Snowball.

You've been tagged! Now you hafta show a pix of yourself in a weird or funny situation


Snowball said...

simba, I agree with you. Cats are evil.

Jackson, Grr..rr to all cats.

Boo, you are lucky. this stinky stray kitty stays in the same block of falt as ME!!!Grr..rr..

Maggie, humans won't allow that stinky kitty to eat out of my bowl. I told them that the kitty might pass diseases to me since its a stray and they agree never to let it come near my bowl...Phew..

Peanuts, Yeah.. I am lucky that my jie jie is allergy to cat's fur so she can't bring that stinky kitty home. Phew, I can't imagine having him at home.

Oscar, you are darn right!!!

Faya, that silly kitty usually stays at the void deck but he will come up to look for daddy when he is hungry...Grr..rr... do you have any suggestions on how I could get rid of it?

Amber, all cats are ugly and weird looking don't you agree? He climb the stairs to come looking for daddy. I wonder where he learn how to read number. He is a stray you know... with no humans to teach him manners.

Billy, perhaps you help me to chase away mine and I will go chase away yours. Deal? In that way our humans won't know, right?

Chilli, ok ok. we meet up some time but how are yo gonna get out of the house without your human knowing? They don't even allow you to be off leash when you are out for walks. We gotta come out with a plan to fool our humans...

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We love kitty..maybe you can try to get to know them and you will realise that they are such sweet things after all.

Boy n Baby


Owwwww!!! Get that kitty!!!! We'll send Nikki over to help get rid of kitty. Nikki is good at chasing kitties away!