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Friday, 11 May 2007

My Barkday and Doggie Cake Recipe

Boy! It was a tiring day for me yesterday. What have I done? Actually nothing much but my jie jie gave me a herbal bath that had made me feel so relaxed and sleepy.

Me, soaking in the warm herbal bath.

After bath. Do I look Sexy?

On jie jie's bed waiting to be dried.

Dried and groomed, finally. ZZzzz...zzz..

I was so sleepy that I wasn't able to help out much when my barkday cake was being prepared and I became really grouchy when jie jie forced me to wake up to get dressed and take more pictures. Let me show you how grouchy I was. Jie jie even said that I look fierce. Do I really look fierce? I am supposed to be pretty all the time!!

Jie jie, I am tired. Can I go back to sleep, please?

Do I have to pose with the cake? I am not in the mood to pose. Can I be spared?

No? Alright... Make it quick....

Are we done yet? NO? I will not smile even if you make me sit here with that silly cake for the whole day.

What? Go for a walk now? Yawn.. but ok, lets go...

More Yawn...

Let me do some exercise... It should help to wake me up.

I feel so much more awake after all the rolling overs. Isn't it good to be the barkday girl? I wasn't even scolded for rolling over in the party dress.

What? Go home to pose with that cake again? Alright. I promise to be good and smile a bit...

Is this good enough?

Huh? Not yet? Must take nice nice pictures for my friends on Blogger?

Ok. One more nice pose specially for everydoggies here.

Do you doggies like my Barkday Cake? It was yummy yummy. Unlike other cake, this one doesn't contain flour and doesn't need to be baked. It was made of mashed potatoes and minced meat. As promised, this is how the cake is made.

Ingredients needed: Potatoes, Vegetable of your choice(I have used carrots and string beans here as they are my favorite!). Any type of mince meat of your choice. ( I have used minced mutton and jie jie marinated it with an egg, pepper and cooking wine)

Boil the potatoes and vegetables. Mash the potatoes with some milk and butter.(I have used milk powder here.)

Dice/ chop the vegetables

Stir fry minced meat with some butter and garlic.

Mix in the vegetables when the meat is cooked. Stir fry for 1-2 mins then dish out and its ready to be used.

To make the cake, we will need a cake base and a hollow cake mould without base. You can choose any shape and sizes that you want. I am using a heart shape one here.

Position the mould on the base.

Line the base and side of the mould with mashed potatoes. Make sure that the mashed potatoes is pressed firmly.

Then add a layer of minced meat.

Add on another layer of mashed potatoes.

Repeat the above 2 steps till the mould is filled up. Please note that all the ingredients must be pressed down firmly so that the cake will be moulded nicely.

Here is the cake after the mould is removed. You can use cream cheese or cottage cheese with some colouring to replace the whipped cream used on normal cakes to make it more attractive.

Or, you can do this, like what my lazy jie jie had done.

So, how do you like my Barkday Cake recipe? It was tested and proven that most doggies even myself likes it. Do get your human to make one for you for your next barkday, ok?

Yawn... Back to ZZzzz..zz..


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Snowball,
You look so bootiful in your birfday dress, especially when you are smiling. You have such a pretty smile! Hope you had a terrific day. Thanks for posting the recipe for your cake. We'll get Mama to make us one soon to test.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Joe Stains said...

your cake looks delicious! I sure hope mom makes that for the doofus's birthday in a couple of months!

Simba said...

I would never have guessed that was mashed potato on the cake. So clever. Happy Birthday.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

You look so cute in your barkday dress Snowball. That cake looks yummmy. It's my barkday on May 28th so mum, I hope you were taking notes!

Oscar x

Maggie said...

You look just beautiful in your birthday dress Snowball and your cake looks simply delicious! And an herbal bath too! You sure did get the works on your special day!

Love ya lots,

Faya said...

Miam miam mum said she will try this soon.... thank you Snowball, sorry, Princess. Kiss, Faya

Peanut said...

You look beautiful all the time not fierce. Oh I want my mom to make me one of those cakes. Wonder if I can talk her into it.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

That was a real good recipe. Will get Mama to do it on Baby's birthday. Thanks

Boy n Baby

ChaCha & Yuki said...

Oh barkday dog, you are beautiful! you look cute rolling in the grass;) how is it that you can roll around on grass but the dress still looks perfectly fine! how do you do it?? hehe

the cake looks delicious.....hopefully my owner will cook a cake for me on my barkday too, though i'm sure she'll be very stingy and just make a tiny one.


Asta said...

that looks like a super yummy cake and sooo bootiful as are you little snowball in your party dress...looks like it was a terrific barkday
ps. I'm adding you to my friends list, hope it's ok?

Jean said...

Hiya Princess

Wah you look extra extra pretty on your barkday ya?

The cake looks super delicious. Must make my mummy make one for me too. She doesnt know when is my barkday cuz my first owner lost my papers. But nevermind, this means everyday can be my barkday and mama can make me one of these cakes everyday! Hiak! Hiak!

(Mom: Dream on you silly pumpkin :))

Baily said...

Happy Birthday Sweety!

that cake looks absolutely amazing and so do you! :)))

nose licks

Jackson said...

Hey Snowball, we chatted at the DWB Pawty! Sorry it's taken me so long to visit your blog. Hope you had a very Happy Barkday. Love the cake it looks delicious! J X

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Snowball baby, that cake look so yum ~ yum. I want to eat too !! Mayb i should ask mom to make 1 for me on my barkday. Hehhe

Cubby said...

oooooo...I want a yummy cake like that!

Toby said...

That cake looks so YUMMY!! Can I have a piece too?