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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Visit to the Vet Clinic.

I know I have been late in reporting about the bloggers war but there isn't anything much for me to keep track of. Is there anyway to make this more interesting?

On top of feeling bored reporting about the war, my lack of post is also due to jie jie as she refuse to let me use too much of her computer. This is because I am having some bad spells for my back.

To make things worse, when I was at the mall for my walk yesterday, I had a minor accident. Some clumsy school girl has stepped on the fur of my tail. Naturally, when I feel that, I tried to move away. In the process, a bunch of fur from my tail was pulled off and that has added strain to my back.

After I came back from the mall, I became very restless and I wasn't able to find a comfortable position to lay down, so, I stand for a few hours with my tail down. I wasn't able to tell if it was my back that is affecting me or was it an aftermath of the shock I had. jie jie gave me a dose of muscle relaxants hoping that I will feel better.

When it was bed time, I was not able to sleep I woke jie jie up many time to open the door for me to get in and out of the room by knocking at the door. At last, jie jie decided to give me a dose of pain killer as well, she usually don't give me that as she says she didn't want me to be too dependent on pain killers.After the medication, jie jie forced me to sleep on the bed with her and shine the infra red light on me, the light is supposed to help to relax aching muscles but I just hated the heat that the light gives. In order to make me more comfortable, jie jie switch on the air conditioning. After all the effort, I was able to sleep for 2 hours.

So, this morning, jie jie took me to the vet. You can see how nervous I was from the picture. I keep wanting to get out of the glass door but I do not have enough strength to push it open and jie jie won't help me open it.

The vet gave me a jab to help releif the pain and reduce inflammation. Jie jie asked for more muscle relaxant and pain killer pills to keep at home for emergency use. At the end of the consultation, jie jie wanted to open the door of the vet office to let me out but was stopped by the vet. He said that we will never know if there is any aggressive dogs outside that might attack me if I run straight into them in attempt to escape from the vet. He told jie jie to always carry me when I am getting out of the vet office and jie jie obliged and thanks him for his kind advice.

This is Nikko. We met for the first time. She was having eyes infection that is why she can't open her eye wide.

After we have gotten the medication and paid the bills, jie jie brought me to the pet shop next door and bought me a new treats. Have I told any of you that I take only fish treats? Anyway, this Salmon Snacks taste really good.

After the pet shop, we went to the Dog Bakery near by. There, I met 2 CKCS. This is apple. She was looking grouchy as her human was out and she is missing her.

Apple works at the dog bakery. She started to introduce the specialty they have for the day to me and they all sounds great. I decided to have a pie with choice lamb and vegetable stew.

Apple went to the kitchen to place the order for me. The CKCS at the oven is Brandy. He is another worker there. The Dog Bakery belongs to their human so conveniently, they have became the mascots there.

Apple was rewarded with a treat for taking the order. Look at the way she is enjoying it. It must have tasted very good.

I went into the room for an inspection. It was quite cosy with beds, lots of toys, and some water and food bowls.

I was scolded by jie jie. She said that I was being rude by entering the room when the owner of the room is not there.

I ask them if it is fun working at the bakery and what do they do when there is no customers. Brandy told me that if there is no customers, they will be taking naps behind the counter or perform their duty as a mascot and sit outside the counter and act cute.

Then, I asked them, is this how you perform your duty as a mascot? Do you think I am suitable to be the mascot here as well?

But jie jie says that due to my injury, I am not suitable to take up a job. By then, the pie was out of the oven and we left the bakery and went home. So going to the vet can be quite fun too, isn't it?


Sparky said...

Love the pictures!

Aww, I hope your tail feels better soon!


Boo said...

but snowball, u look so happy in the photo how can you be having problem! i hope you are feeling much better now. back pain is not good according to mom. i have never had them so i wouldn't be able to tell tho.

wet wet licks


Peanut said...

Oh the bakery looks like fun fun. I hope your back and tail feel better soon.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Poor Snowball,
but you still look so happy even when you are feeling badly. You must smile all of the time huh?? At least you got to have fun going to the pet shop & bakery. Your food sounds so yummy. Hope you get some sleep tonight!! Sleep tight!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Snowball said...

Sparky and Peanuts, Thanks. I was able to sleep and rest now. Jie jie is praying that my condition will not get worse. Pray for me to yar?

Boo, Butchy n Snickers, I have to remain happy cos my human always see to it that I am entertained. Even if I am not allowed to walk a lot, they will still bring me for walks on my stroller(but they are doing the walking and all I do is to lay down and rest and enjoy the scenery. I will stand up occassionally to bark at other dogs that walk past me).

You will be able to tell that I am nervous if you look at the corner of my mouth. When I smile, it will curve upwards and when I am nervous, there will be "air bags" at the side of my cheeks. Got it? But its good to be able to appear like I am happy all the time.

Luv Snowball.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Dear Snowball,

Im sad that you were injured & I hope you get well soon but from all the pic you took, you look happy. Thats a good sign.

Btw, I saw the bakery b4, I mean I saw it in mom's friendster pic...a huge siberian huskee took pic at the same bakery too.

Glad you met up with some friends.

take care & slurp~slurp licks to you.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Snowball, you look really happy in all the pictures. I hope youre back is better now.
You'll make a cute mascot. :)

~ girl girl

Simba said...

I hope you are feeling better Snowball.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Owie, poor tail and back. I hope you are feeling more comfortable now and that the pie was tasty!

Oscar x

PreciOus said...

Hi Snowy,

Sista thinks that we visit the same dog bakery. They do have lotsa variety. I love the quiche the most!

Hope you are feeling better. *Hugs*


Maggie said...

I hope you're feeling better Snowball! Did the salmon cookies help out a little bit?

Love ya lots,

Faya said...

Oh no my poor Snowball ! I hope you will be fine soon. Your are so cute on the last picture ! Kiss, Faya

Tofu Burger said...

Oh Snowball... I found you thru Maggie's blog. She didn't have a very day either. I hope you are doing much much better. YOu have the most beautiful smile! *muah*


Pearly said...

It looks like a nice place, very bright, I hope your tail tail is alright! I notice the watermelon on the shelf, do you know what's those call? Mama had been searching for something like that. Paw hugs!

Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Snowball!

How's your tail tail? Aiyoh how can the silly girl be so careless?!?

But at least you got salmon cookies and a pie too for "smiling" all through the vet visit. That dog bakery looks good. Let's go visit again when you feel better okay