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Tuesday, 12 June 2007


I was brought to the animal hospital on 9 June 07. Oh no, dun worry. I was there only for acupuncture treatment.

Before I proceed, I am happy to inform all my doggy friends here that I have recovered (almost). Jie jie is still being paranoid and is still monitoring me closely. She has taken up a new hobby, to examine my pee and poop at least once a day. Is she expecting to find some jewels in them? She seems to be quite happy with them (my pee and poops).

Until last week, I was still leaking urine at night. How did the urine leaking problem stop? I tell you, I hated my jie jie for this. Naughty jie jie did what I dislike most, she made me wear diaper at night!!! I positively detest the idea and I tried to convince her that I will not leak urine at night anymore and that she do not need to waste her money on those stuff and make me look so silly but she didn't take my words for it.

Well, I was still FORCED to wear that silly diaper. (Can I report her for animal abuse? Can anyone help me to call SPCA to report on my cruel jie jie, please?) Guess what? I managed to prove myself right. I did not leak urine at all that night.

The following night, she insisted that I wore diaper again. I got so fed up with the diaper that on the second night, I decided to remove the diapers myself and prove to her that I will not leak urine even without any diaper on.

Jie jie finally got the message and stop making me wear the stupid looking diaper again but on the third night, I leak urine again but just a little bit. Jie jie then show me a diaper at night before I go to bed and told me that if I leak that night, I will have to wear them again. That's how my leaking of urine at night stopped (permanently, I hope). Somehow, she derive to the silly conclusion that the actual reason for me to leak urine at night for so long is because I chose not to hold my bladder when I am able to. According to the vet, the side effect of the steroid should have subsided by the second week but I need diapers to remind me that leaking urine at night is not a very nice thing to do... (darn.. how did she know?!?!)

Now, jie jie is worry about my sudden drop in water intake and frequency of my urination... Oh boy, what does this woman wants? She is worried when I drink too much water and now she is worried that I am not drinking enough water and she keep wanting to bring me for a blood test... HELP!!! CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW I CAN PLEASE THIS WOMAN AND GET HER OFF MY BACK? Sigh... She said that I will still need the blood test sooner or later and if the result from the blood test come back satisfactory, she is planning to send me for teeth scaling... HELP!!! I REALLY HAVE TO REPORT HER TO THE SPCA. DON'T YOU SEE HOW SHE ENJOY TORTURING ME?

I think she must have hated me a lot. That is why she tries all ways and means to torture me. What happen last Saturday was the perfect proof. She brought me to the vet, for him to poke needles in me and worse, he even put wires on the needles to electrocute me... I wonder how I manage to survive the past 9 years living under the care of such a pervert.

Below are the evidents of me being poked by about 10 needles and was electrocuted with 4 wires.

See how the needles are poked into me?

Did you see those nasty needles on my head and above my eyes? Those on my head is suppose to calm me down and those on my eyes are to prevent cataracts.

This video clip shows the view outside the treatment room .

The first part of the clip shows the emergency treatment area and hospitalisation ward for the very sick animals. Jie jie had witnessed a cat passing on right in front of her eyes there during one of our visits for me to be poked by the needles.

The second part is a washing area for animals that goes there for hydrotherapy. Sometimes we see carcass of animals that had passed on being "parked" there waiting for their owners to come to say final goodbyes.

The third part is the pool for hydrotherapy and to the right side of the pool, is a wooden fence with a door that lead to another part of the hospital where they cremate the bodies of the animals that had passed on.

So now you know why I am so anxious to get out of there.

(Note from Snowball's jie jie:
I think Snowball felt the stress from the environment every time we go there.
You guys must be wondering then why on earth did I continue to bring her there for acupuncture treatment when the environment is so stressful. That is because there are only a handful of vets who do acupuncture for animals in Singapore and Dr Oh who perform the acupuncture for Snowball happens to be the one that I think is the most well trained and experienced and I trusted his skillThere are many positive feedbacks about him too.

Dr Oh works in the Singapore Zoo and he is the first person to introduce Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatments to the animals in the Zoo. He once showed us the needles used to do acupuncture for Elephants, they are HUGE!. But because he was trained in Taiwan for Animal Acupuncture, Herbal & Physiotherapy, his qualification is not recognised by AVA (The local Animal Control Dept) so he was not able to get an license to practice as a vet in Singapore. He can only perform acupuncture treatments to animals at the hospital and the patients need to receive consultation by a practicing vet from the hospital and they will refer the animals to him if they think that its appropriate or if the owners insist for their pets to have alternative treatments.

When she was temporarily paralysed in August last year, we went to see 2 different vets but non of the vets dare to promise us that she had any chances to recover. Dr Oh is the only one who assured us that we will see improvement to her condition after 4 session of acupuncture treatment but we have to bring her for treatment at least twice a week for best results. True enough, she was able to move her right hind leg a few days after she has received her 4th session of acupuncture treatment by Dr Oh.

Video clip below was taken during her 5th acupuncture treatment in August 06. If you look closely, you will see that her left hind leg is place in a awkward position. That is because she still have no control over that leg. Just slightly more than 1 week before that, she still had no control over both her hind legs.

Although she is able to have some control over her right hind leg, it is still weak so she is still unable to stand but that leg is able to help her move around instead of depending fully on both her front legs. She had multiple slipped discs at her neck area too so during that period, he front legs are aching too and everytime we carry her she will scream in pain. You can see that in the video clip below.

She keep having bruises on her knee cap that time but Dr Oh wanted her to practice walking on grass patches everyday. Its such a pain to see her going through so much suffering.

I am praying everyday that she will not be in such pain again.

For pet owners in Singapore who might like to know the charges for the acupuncture treatment by Dr OH. Its $80 before GST. For more information, please feel free to ask me.)

Any kind soul who is willing to rescue me from all these torturing by calling the SPCA, please contact me for my address so that the officers know where to find me. Thank you very much.



Boo said...

snowball, i didn't know there's acupunture for doggie too in singapore. i hope the acupunture works fine for you.

wet wet licks


fee said...

dear snowball,

it's amazing how acupuncture has helped you with your movement! i'm rather glad to know that your acupuncturist isn't *dr famous* here as one of our friend has had some expensive and useless treatments with dr famous. my ah pa comes to visit me tomorrow so i will tell him about your pins and needles treatment and see what he says. thanks for sharing so much info!


PreciOus said...

Awww Snowball, your jie jie may seems to be torturing you, but she is doing her best to get you well again. Endure with it, brave girl!


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We never knew that there was accupunture here. We dont think your jie jie is torturing you. Infact she loves you so much.

Boy n Baby

Tofu Burger said...

Snowball... you are a very special girl to your Jie jie. She is doing her best for you.


Simba said...

How are you feeling tonight snowball? Are you feeling better? Hope so.

Simba xx

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Snowball,
Wow, you are so lucky to have such a qualified person to perform the acupunture on you. Too bad they won't let him be a regular vet. You looked like you didn't even feel the needles going in. You know that JieJie is not torturing you, she's helping you to get better & be pain free. There are lots of doggies in the world that wish they had such a loving parent as you have. We're glad you are feeling better now!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS Mama is working on our outfits!

Maggie said...

I can't watch the needles Snowball! They make me too nervous but they do look like they're helping you out! Your mom is so good to you!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

Oh those needles don't look nice but my mom told me my dad had that needle thing done to his shoulder (because he lost all feeling in it for over a year) and it fixed it. So I think you might just need to keep getting it done if it helps.

Toby said...

Hi Snowball...

I know you don't like the needles or that office, but your jiejie is doing what's best for you (b/c she loves you so much). I too had to be tortured at the Vet's b/c I have a liver condition. But trust me, it takes a lot of love from jiejie to do what she is doing....


Joe Stains said...

Oh poor poor snowball, want to come live with us???? those needles look sooo scary!!

Pearly said...

Anything to help you, acupuncture, interesting, i should look into it. Mama was thinking of putting me into a swimming program when I get older. I hope you get fully heal!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Snowball, you are one brave doggie. I can still see you smiling when the doctor pokes all those needles into you.
I hope that with all these treatments you will get more healthy and stronger soon

~ girl girl

Asta said...

I think you misunderstand you Mommi, she takes you for those needles and stuff cause she loves you vewy vewy much and wants you to feel so much'll see the tweatments will work and it will be a ll worth it
cwossing my paws for you
smoochie kisses

Faya said...

Snowball ! You are so courageous. I admire you much. I am sure this treatment will be good for you. Big Big Kiss, Faya

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Snowball.. remember your jie jie only wants the best for you and wants you to feel better!
Hugs beautiful,

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Hi Snowball,
Your lucky you mommy loves you so much. You must be a very special little girl. I am really glad to hear that you are getting better and stronger.


P.S. You are such a cutie pie

Ume said...

hi Snowball,
i had to cover my eyes when Dr Oh poked the needles into u. but u r a brave brave girl, Snowball. all these treatments will make u stronger n healthier. ur bravery will tide u thru the pain.

Bella said...

Hi Snowball darling - I hope you are feeling better - it's hard getting older isn't it
Take care & thinking of you

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Acupuncture? Iaics! And you are feeling better now? Your Mommy takes care of you Snowball!

Jazz and Dixie said...

Wow Snowball,
We think your mum is taking super care of you! It must be hard to endure all of those trips to the vet and all that poking and proding and observation but hopefully soon everything will be ok. Hang in there!
Jazz and Dixie


We are glad you are getting better Snowball!!!

Woffs Casper, Buddy , Nikki