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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Body Parts Found!!!

Jie jie was home last Friday. I saw her cutting some fabric and sewing them up. After a few hours, I see these body parts in my room.

Did jie jie just murdered someone?

I ask jie jie what it is and she assembled the body parts with pin and it look like this.

I wonder what did he do wrong to be tortured like that?

Jie jie gave it some more stitches and remove the pins. This is how it look like in the end.

But nasty jie jie says that I cannot play bitey face with it. Humph!!!


Scrappy said...

Your mom is very talented that bear is gorgeous. Pity you are only allowed to admire it.

Tail wags

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, what a cute teddy. Jie jie is very clever. I can't believe you don't get to play bitey face though!

Oscar x

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Mama likes the teddy bear alot. Is it expensive to make one?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

It's a really nice teddy bear. Maybe your jie jie was giving it acupuncture?

~ girl girl

Bella said...

What a clever mum to make the teddy bear - perhaps she can make you one for playing bitey face with?

Baily said...

wow so talented! i wish my mom could make me something pretty like that.
you are so lucky! :)

nose licks

Lorenza said...

Jie Jie is very talented. That is a very cute teddy bear! Ask her to make one specially for you!
Have a nice day

Peanut said...

Jie Jie is very good at sewing. That is a very nice teddy bear but why didn't she make you one to play bitey face with?

Boo said...

that cruel, u get the stuffy but can't play bitey face? that's cruel!

wet wet licks



Very cute pink teddy bear but personally I like it in pieces then it would match all my others ;)

Asta said...

Wow Snowball, that is a gowgeous teddy bear, I can't believe jiejie made that, she's super talented..maybe she could make one for you. I hope so, cause you look gweat together,and you could make him feel better about the pins
smoochie kisses

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow, I am very impressed with Jie Jie's talents! That bear is awesome!!!

Maggie said...

What a pretty Teddy! Your jiejie is one talented lady!

Love ya lots,

Huskee Boy said...

*gulp* did someone put a voodoo on the teddy?? the pins look ouchie..
wow your jie jie is sure talented *round of applause*

Faya said...

Oh a pink teddy bear ! jie jie made a great job. Congratulations jie jie. Snowball is it right that you eat only treats with fish ? Kisses, Faya

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Snowball,
That bear looks so sweet. How long did your Jie Jie take to make it?