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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Pressie from Jackman Ave

Hi Pals,

I have received another pressie from my pals from the Jackman Ave. Thank you Sherman, Penny and Lola.

Time to show off my pressies again.

Look at all the great stuff that I have received.

Sherman, Penny and Lola felt that this is a MUST have item for a Princess, like ME!!!
A pink crown bowl. WOW!!! Yes... I have always felt that there is something amiss in my life as a princess and now I have found it... a royalty bowl... and I even have the perfect bowl stand that is personalised with my name on it (jie jie bought the stand from a budget store and painted it for me) to match the pretty bowl.

A squeaky lamb... now the I can form a mini zoo with all the stuffies I have received from all my friends. I must remember to get jie jie to take a picture to show all my pals what animals my little zoo has.

A pretty pink leash with flowery fabric. This matches my new leather collar from Boy and Baby.

A Merrick Gourmet Sausage treats that looks really yummy... **Slurp**

A packet of Alaskan Salmon treats. Jie jie has opened this for me and it taste REEEEAAAALLLLY GOOOOOOD!!!

A card signed off by my 3 great pals from the Jackman Ave.

Thank you very much for the pressies, Sherman, Penny and Lola. It feels great to know that I have some nice friends around the world who have been thinking of me.

I went for a swim on Saturday and had a full day outing on Sunday to the dog show. We saw an amazing rescued dog on wheels but the pictures are rather dark, jie jie got to edit it before showing it to all of you. I will try to pester her to post them up fast. So long for now...



Amber-Mae said...

Oh my gosh! The crown bowl is just awesomely cool!!! Somemore it comes with a table with your name on it...You are so so so lucky Snowball! The pressies are just great!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Snowball said...

Amber Mae, the mini table was painted for me by jie jie... its not part of the pressie... hee...hee..

Yes. The bowl is awesome!!


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Snowball,
I like the crown bowl plus the customised stand.. it matches so well.
It's so nice to receive pressies right? *wink*

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

i like the crown bowl... very beautiful.


Simba said...

wow what cool stuff.

Simba x

Ferndoggle said...

Hiya Snowball...I'm so glad you like all of your presents. I picked out the bowl myself. From one Princess to another! Mom was worried that it might break on the trip. I'm glad it didn't!!

Enjoy your salmon goodies.

Princess Penny Wiggles

Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Snowball!

WoW! those are some cool pressies. I love the crown bowl. Suits you to a T.

Wet licks


ToFFee said...

salmon treats are the bestest! I got one from Eil and GG and my bad bad pawrents hid them all from me..

I get a bite of it every now and then though.

That bowl really suits a princess like you!

Sherman Penny and Lola are very nice pals!


Clover said...

Hey Snowball,
Great gifts! The crown bowl is perfect for you. I like the picture of you posing with your new things!
Love Clover xo

fee said...

yum! are the gourmet sausage treats nice? you don't need those blended, right? teehee. :)

Snowball said...

Hi Fee,

Yeah. the gourmet sausage will not be blended but treats that are fed to me must not be bigger than 0.5cm in size. If not, I won't eat it too...


Faya said...

This was a great week-end Snowball (much better than the last one....hum hum...) Kisses, Faya

Momo :) said...

Snowball!! Look at the pink - PINK crown bowl!!! So pawfect for you, sweet princess!!

Momo xoxo

Balboa & Mommy said...

WOW, what great gifts,

That crown bowl is awesome and perfect for you.

FRenchie SNorts

Dental Girl said...

Snowball, you really are a princess aren't you? What lovely presents!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Snowball
You got great presents from Sherman, Penny and Lola!
Yes, a dish for a Princess!
Have a good night

Pacco de Mongrel said...

so nice...d pink bowl wit ur name on it...

Ume said...

the pawfect bowl befitting a princess!

PreciOus said...

Hi Snowball, that's a lovely crown bowl and in your favourite color too! I saw the rescued dog on wheels too. I'm glad the dog received help and has the ability to move freely again.