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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Butchy's Birfday Overnight Campout.

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Hi Pals,

Today is Butchy's Birfday!!! He invited all of us over to his place for a Overnight Campout Pawty. I hope to see all my pals from DWB there.

Here I am, all ready for the big bash. Do you remember this overall?
Yes!!! Its my pressie from Butchy and Snickers' mama. I really want to model this outfit to them pawsonally for a long long time so this is the pawfect chance for me to do that.

This outfit is pawfect for me to go hiking at the campsite. Butchy and Snickers told me that Koi Snowball is a Papa now so I wanted to help him pawtect his babies from those evil birdie while I am there. Do you think I look like a park ranger that will scare away the nasty evil birds?

These are my camping gears. A sleeping bag and a 6 men tent.

I am going to pitch my tent next to the fish pond so that I can pawtect Koi Snowball's babies as much as I can while I am there.

I think these gears are sufficient. I am sure everything else will be prepared for us, right?
Err..rr.. I read from other pups' blog that it gonna be pretty cold especially at night. I think I need to bring an extra top to wear over the overall to keep me warm at night.
What about this pink top that River gave me?

Do I look pretty? Can we go now? Air Ruby is coming to fetch me soon!
See you all at the pawty!




Amber-Mae said...

You look nice in your pink army clothes Snowball! Good think your brought a tent. Can I share the tent with you? See you on Aire Ruby.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

You are well prepared and so pink.

Simba xx

Joe said...

we are bringing a little heater too so if you get too cold come find us!!

River said...

Snowball you look gorgeous!!

Can't wait to see you there :)


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We will see you there!

Boy n Baby

Faya said...

I can see in your eyes that you are ready for the party ! I wish you will have a lot of fun...kisses, Faya

Ferndoggle said...

Looks like you're all set for the pawty! We're all going too. See ya there!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Gaucho and Verdi said...

You look nice in your pink army clothes Snowball!
we see you in the pawty...

Maggie & Mitch said...

You look adorable in your pink overalls, Snowball! I think that bright pink "might" scare away the birdies that steal the koi! Can I visit you in your tent? It looks so cool!

Love ya lots,

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Snowball!!! That last picture of you is BEAUTIFUL! I am going to have mom help me print it out and put it on our fridge!!!!

Sparky said...

You look great, and ready to go! I hope you have a great time! (Oh, and I've said it lots of times, and I'll say it again- I just LOVE your smile!)


Lorenza said...

Hi, Snowball
You have the perfect outfit for the party! I can't wait to see those mean birdies flying away from you!
See you there

Amber said...

Hello Snowy, you're looking gweat on your pink outfit. Hope you have a gweat time at the pawty!!
Have a nice weekend~

Sunshade said...

I'll see you there Snowball!!! I'm wearing my booooootiful dress from YOU!!

Thanks for offering to share your tent with me, I might just take you up on that offer!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wowza Snowball!

Bussie Kissies

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Wow, you're the prettiest soldier I ever saw. See you at the camp.

Toodle pip,

Harry x

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

You look fabulous and so organised. This is our first visit to your blog and we are thrilled to find another Maltese like me.

Tail wags

fee said...

pink is your colour, snowball! it goes very nicely with white! i am so envious of you riding on the bus and in that grocery trolley; i wouldn't be able to keep so still!


Bella said...

fabulous outfit and great camping gear - hope you had a fabulous time

Asta said...

you looked sooo vewy bootiful at the pawty..i love all the clotheses youbwought with you and youw tent too..and boy wewe you an excellent Koi wewe absolutely fiewce with that nasty biwd..thank you!!!
smoochie kisses

Balboa & Mommy said...

WOW, you look already to party!!!!!

Frenchie SNorts

fee said...

we are going to see dr oh this afternoon! thanks again for the info, snowball!


Pacco de Mongrel said...

some many gears got ready...i bet u had a great time there

Pacco de Mongrel said...

so many gears got ready...i bet u had a great time there

Mango & Party said...

Dear Snowball,

We are just popping by to say thanks to you for sharing about the acupuncture vet to Fever. Her mum and ours brought me to meet him. He is nice to me, and tho I am iffy about needles, mum says he can make me feel better. I will be keeping my paws crossed.

Thanks again!

Lots of loves!
Party & Mango