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Thursday, 22 March 2007

About me...

My name is Snowball. I have pleaded with my jie jie to let me have my own blog for a long time. Finally, she had agreed. Yippy... I can now start to make new friends online.

I am a 8 yrs old Maltese and was imported from Australia, Adelaide, when I was 2 mths old. Jie jie always said that I am a typical victim of the puppy mill as I have lots of health defects. Jie jie also said that the amount she had spent on my medical bills is much higher than the price she had paid to bring me home. LOL... Haiz... I guess my biological mummy and daddy is not as lucky to be able to have a proper home and to have so many human slaves who pledge their loyalty to me for the rest of my life. I wonder how many siblings I must have had and what type of life they are leading.

Let me continue with my life story on why I am considered to be a victim of the puppy mill another day as jie jie said that dogs of my age shouldn't be staring on the screen for too long. Before I go, let me show you a few more of my pictures.... Am I pretty? ;p

This is how I will look like when I am on my outings.

and this is how I will look like when I am at home...

Hee hee...

So long for now. I will continue to blog when I am allowed to use jie jie's computer again.

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