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Sunday, 25 March 2007

Me? A privileged dog

Many people have said that I am a very privileged dog as my family pampers me a lot. To me, I have never thought of it to be anything special. Isn't it how a dog's life suppose to be? Isn't it the responsibility of the humans to ensure that we get all our favorite food all the time? Isn't it normal for dogs to reject their food and make sure we eat only things that we want to eat? Don't all humans hand feed their dogs? hm ... ... I must remember to ask all my other doggies friends about it.

Some of my friends told me that their humans have been giving them plain kibbles. How could that be? Plain kibbles are dry, tasteless and difficult to chew on. I make it clear to my humans that dry kibbles are not my cup of tea. When I was a puppy, I was silly enough to accept kibbles soaked in milk but never anymore...

Now, my humans will serve me with home cooked food, mixed with canned food and pounded kibbles. My daddy really understands me, he knows that dogs get tired of eating the same type of food just like humans. Thus, he will prepare for me a different variety of home cooked food so that I will enjoy my meal all the time. The home cooked food he will prepare for me includes, roasted or boiled chicken drumstick , chicken wings, roasted duck drumstick(my all time favorite) , roasted lamb meat, fresh fish and a lot others....

I used to love deer meat but jie jie say that they no longer sell it at the supermarket anymore. So if anyone of you know where my jie jie can buy fresh deer meat for me, please let me know, OK? I miss my deer meat... Thanks in advance.

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