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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Mini gathering @ East Point Mall

Yesterday, jie jie brought me to East Point Mall to meet Mario and his jie jie. While we were there, we met some of the dogs in the neighbourhood.

This is handsome Mario. He has a brother call Marbles who was not present. Both of them are equally handsome.

Beautiful Princess.

Stylo Max

There is a new dog in the neighbourhood. Mario and Max were exercising their detective instinct, trying to identify the scent that was left behind.

See how happy Mario and Max were being able to run freely on an open field.

Mario harassing beautiful and demure Princess

Max playing with his rubber squeaky toy.

Jie jie say that Mario can take part in the longest tongue competition. See how long his tongue is.

I am glad that I am not qualified to enter the competition as I don't think that it is pretty for girls to have long tongues.

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