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Monday, 9 April 2007

The darkest days of my life. Part 1

When I was 5 years old, I was diagnosed to have slipped disc by the vet when jie jie notice that I was walking with wobbly hind legs. I was given medication to reduce the inflammation and I manage to recover after a few days.

A year after that I had another relapsed. I was experiencing sharp pain in my back. I wasn't able to rest or sleep well for a few days even after seeing the vet. The vet took several x-rays for me and it show that I have multiple slipped discs over my neck and back.

The vet said that he do not recommend surgery he will only perform the op on me if my condition is so bad that I became paralyse. When that happens, I will need to have a MRI scan to see which part of the spinal bone is causing the most problem and have that part of the spinal bone removed to ease the pressure it had on the nerves. He can't remove all the affected spinal bone as that will cause the whole spine to collapse.

We were also told that even with the surgery, there is no guarantee that I will gain full recovery. There are even chances for the nerves to be damaged during the surgery. ***Shivers***

The unfortunate event really happened on 3 August 06. I came back from my walk and was too eager to check out if my jie jie sneak out of the house when I was not around. I clumsily knocked into the shoe rack and a silly slipper dropped and landed on my back. There was a sharp pain in my back but the first thing that came to my mind is that I have to get to jie jie and she will know how to help me.

Upon reaching my jie jie's room, I suddenly lose control of both my hind legs. I don’t know why. I was still able to run a few minutes ago... All of us panicked. They put me into my carrier and rushed my to animal hospital at Balestier. The lady Caucasian Vet made me wait for 3 hours before seeing me as I was a walk in case without appointment.

I cringed onto my jie jie and refused to be touched by anyone else. The pain in my back was tremendous. The slightest movement will cause me to scream and every one at the clinic look at me with such pitiful look and keep asking jie jie what had happened and the same story was repeated for not less than 10 times.

At last when it was my turn to see the vet, upon consulting my past x-ray record, she said that my slipped discs problem is very serious and she predicted that I might not be able to stand ever again. She told jie jie to consider putting me to sleep to reduce my suffering. -_-"

to be continued......

Video clip taken a few days after the accident. I was acting blur after being scolded by jie jie.

You must be wondering why was jie jie so cruel to scold me when I was already injured. Actually, I was scolded because I refuse to urine when jie jie brought me to the toilet and I urinated on my bed immediately when she brought me back to the room.

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