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Saturday, 21 April 2007

The darkest days of my life. Part 3

Summary of Part 1 and Part 2

I was injured and vet predicted that I will be paralysed and the chances of recovery are very low and close to zero. She told us that I am in severe pain so it will be humane to put me down.

Vet predicted that I will be paralysed for the rest of my life. Vet gave me Valium Jab together with some other medication and ask jie jie to bring me back for review after 1 week. She didn't recommend any alternate treatment that jie jie could let me try as she claims that the result will be the same and it will be waste of money.

When we reached home, jie jie confined me to a area of 2ft by 3ft at the foot of her bed, as the vet says that I should not be allowed to move around too much. I was feeling so uncomfortable that I could not sleep. I sit there staring at jie jie and panting hard with tears in my eyes but there isn't anything she could do for me.

Everyone was very worried. They keep dropping by jie jie's room to see me. Jie jie stayed with me the whole time and even had her dinner in the room but I wasn't in the mood to eat. I just couldn't understand why I was not able to stand. I can't even feel my hind legs and the sharp pain in my back is unbearable as the effect of valium was wearing out. I was distressed. I stared at jie jie hoping that she could answer my questions and make everything right again.

As I was trained to pee and poo outside the house since young, I refused to relief myself in the toilet but jie jie didn't want to bring me to the grass as she was afraid I might injured myself further. So, when the urine gets too much for me to hold, I pee on the towels I was sleeping on. Everytime I did that, jie jie have to wash the towel, clean me up and wipe the floor.

At night with the lights off, I tried to rest but I just couldn't sleep and it was so quiet that I felt very uneasy. I use all the energy I had to reach up and scratch on jie jie's bed to let her know that I couldn't get to sleep. Jie jie wasn't sleeping. She tried to comfort me by stroking me and talk to me softly but that wasn't enough. I still refuse to settle down. Once she stop giving me the attention, I starts to scratch at her bed again. She didn't scold me but she lifted me and let me lie on her lap in attempt to make me feel more comfortable. I was able to doze off a bit but after a while, I started to pant heavily again as I was feeling very hot. (You can't blame me cos my body tempreture + jie jie's tempreture + the heat accumulated on the mattress of jiejie bed, how could a little furball like me not feel hot? )

The next morning, jie jie and daddy decided to bring me to get a second opinion from my regular vet at Telok Kurau. We showed the vet the medication and treatment given to me the day before. Even this vet think that there is a high possibility of me being paralysed permanently. As there were medication given to me by the first vet already, this vet says that the best he could do is to help me to relief my pain further by giving me a jab. With that, we left the consultation room.

While we were at the waiting area, there was this lady who got to know of my condition and told jie jie that her Daschund had the same injury as me. She said that someone had recommended her to bring her Daschund for acupunture by a chinese vet who works in the Singapore Zoo and her dog is able to walk after a few months. She even gave the vet's mobile no. to jie jie for her to talk to the vet personally before deciding whether to let me try.

Jie jie was delighted to know that there is another alternative for me. There is hope for me afterall!!! Immediately, she called the vet and then the Animal Hospital at Stevens Road, where this vet gives consultation, to book for the earliest appointment for me to receive acupuncture treatment.

To be continued....

Snowball: Its boring... I don't want to sit on the chair all the timme

Jie jie: but you still can't walk. Wait till you recover then you can roam the whole house again.

Snowball: Oh Boy... How long do I have to wait before I can even stand again?


chiyo said...

hi snowball, i saw your blog from the small dogs forum :)

i'm sorry to hear about your slip disc condition, but i'm glad that something can be done about it. i think the animal recovery center in balestier has acupuncture too.

hope you get to roam the house soon!



Hi Snowball, we hope you get better soon. Does jie jie know where there might be a animal chiropractor? In Canada, we know of some dogs who had very bad back problems and went to the animal chiropractor and got all better after a couple of visits. Hang in there!!

Snowball said...

Hi Chiyo,

ARC Balestier was the first clinic I was brought to after the accident occur but the female caucasian vet I saw that time didn't want to suggest any alternative treatments. As it was an emergency, We are not able to book for the senior vet and he was not in Singapore then. By the time he came back, I have already started seeing the chinese vet at Stevens Road.

Thanks for sharing the information.

Luv and hugs,


Snowball said...

Hi Casper,

I don't think there is any chiropractor in Singapore. When it comes to medical treatments for dogs, we are still many steps behind compared to Canada.

How I wish they will catch up soon and I can't fly to Canada for treatment as I will need to be quarantine when I come back and I can't survive without my humans with me all the time.

Its all their fault for spoiling me rotten and now I have became too dependent on them.

But I am already much better only that my left hind leg is still pretty weak but I am able to run when I want to.

Luv and hugs,


audrey said...


Was searching on acupuncture for dogs when i came across your site.

Could you pls provide the number for Dr Oh? My dog currently suffering from very bad hip dysplasia and is not even 2 yrs old yet. :(

I'd like to take her to see Dr Oh since Snowball's condition seems to have improved so much.

Do email me at missybeh[at] the number. Thanks so much!