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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Releasing of Live Animals

My mummy went to a Buddhist ceremony where they release live animals.

I heard jie jie telling mummy last night that she shouldn't support this ceremony. She said that they should not intentionally buy live animals to release and call that being compassionate.

Some temples make it a yearly event where the devotees accumulated a sum of money to buy live animals for this ceremony. Jie jie say that this is indirectly causing sufferings to the animals that is so call "being released"

Why did jie jie say that? Its because the organisers of this event will place order for live animals in advance. Which means that the suppliers will have to catch these live animals to be sold to them so that they can release them. If they don't have this ceremony, perhaps these animals are still having their freedom in their natural habitat.

The animals involved include fishes, birds and etc. The most ridiculous animal that was bought for release was lobsters. Yes. they went to seafood restaurant to buy live lobster to be released in local sea water. Dun they know that lobsters can't survive in Singapore? So jie jie said that by releasing them, they are indirectly killing them although they are still designated to be killed if they remain in the seafood restaurant but by buying them, they have made themselves the murderer instead. Do you think that is being compassionate?

Jie jie says that she would describe it as following the Dharma blindly and accumulate more bad karmas along the way.


Scruffy said...

Hi Princess Snowball
I am glad they don't "release" doggies too. I would hate to be caught and then released. However am I going to find my family again if they release me far away.

The Mighty Scruff

Snowball said...

Lolz... I agree with you. Imagine if Dogs are one of the animals involved, those naughty daddies and mummies will have the excuse to abandon our kind rightously.

However, I was nearly mistaken as one of the animals to be released 8 years ago. I will share the story with you in my next post.

PS: Mighty Scruff, you are such a cutie pie. I hope your new di di is not bullying you.:P