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Saturday, 14 April 2007


Today, I went swimming with Chilli again. As usual, Chilli entertained herself by diving into the pool to fetch her favorite frisbee.

However, there is a Rottie, Vera, who was equally fascinated by her Frisbee.

Both of them getting ready for Jean jie jie to throw the frisbee.

Vera being bigger in size, she managed to get to the frisbee first.

Jean jie jie was so mean. She said to Chilli "That’s too bad... Who ask you to be so slow?"

Smart Chilli decided to use another strategy to win the race. She got out of the pool to wait so that when Jean jie jie threw the frisbee again, she can dive directly at it.

With the time saved from having to swim towards the frisbee, Chilli finally managed to beat Vera in the fetching game and got to her favorite frisbee first... Hurray!!!

Vera saw that Chilli has cheated in the game and decided not to play with her anymore. She aims at the ball that was floating in the pool instead.

There is something interesting that I have found out today.

Firstly, I am proud to say that modern dogs are civilised. They even know that they have to queue up to get in and out of the pool.

Don't believe? Have a look...

Secondly, there is a new way to walk a dog.

There was another Maltese who took special interest in me. She follows me around while I swim. You will see what I mean when you watch the video clips below.

These are the 2 video clips of me swimming in the pool with the other dogs.

After I was done with my hydrotherapy, I bathed, dressed up and got ready to go shopping at the pet shop and to get some air con before we head home.

The weather is hot and the sun is glaring.

Even Chilli felt the same way.

But jie jie wanted to take some pictures of me and Chilli before she would let us go shopping.

I wonder why jie jie is not satisfied with the pictures. After all don't she remember that Chilli and I don't play together? How did she ever expect us to sit close together to take pictures? Silly jie jie.

Finally, I am in the pet shop

There is a residence dog in the pet shop. His name is 呆呆,(pronounced as Dai Dai). He is a Great Dane and he helps out at the pet shop.

He was given a big bowl of milk as reward for his effort.

Greedy Chilli try to get a lick out of his bowl and he bark loudly at her. For that, his daddy ordered him to go into the cage for punishment.

But he was allowed to finish his milk in the cage.

This is how I have spent my Saturday afternoon. That’s all for now folks!

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Jean said...

Yup...Snowball and Chilli are strange companions. They seem to tolerate each other well but we never seem to be able to play with each other. I wonder why too!

Yup Chilli is a greedy pig (Chilli: Hey mom...stop telling the whole world I'm a piggie)

Alrite...alrite...juz a little greedy pig ? (Chilli:Hmph!!)