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Monday, 16 April 2007

The darkest days of my life. Part 2

Summary of Part 1

I was injured and vet predicted that I will be paralysed and the chances of recovery are very low and close to zero. She told us that I am in severe pain so it will be humane to put me down.


Jie jie find it ridiculous for the vet to give such prediction when she did not even take any X-Rays for me. Her prediction was base on the X-Rays that were taken in May 2005. When she asks the vet, the vet says that there is no need for X-Rays.

The vet told jie jie that if she didn't want to euthanise me and wanted to try her luck, she will give me some valium jab to help me settle down after the traumatic ordeal. The side effect of this medication is that I will drink more and pee more. The vet also prescript some anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers to me.

Jie jie told the vet that I was given ascorbic jab the last time and it helped to speed up my recovery. The vet told her that the jab is expensive and it will only help in certain ways but she still think that I will not recover. Upon jie jie's insistence, she brought me into the treatment room to insert a catheter in me so that jie jie could jab me twice a day.

The total damage for this visit sum up to about $300. Jie jie had expected a much bigger bill as the last time I went there during my previous relapse cost close to $600. Since this time, my condition is much more serious, Jie jie had expected that the vet would want to let me have some X-Rays and/or MRI scan to determine the exact condition of my spine. (1 session of MRI scan for a dog my size can cost from $900 to $1200.)

As this clinic is the only animal clinic in Singapore that has MRI machine, and they also have the digital X-Ray machine. That is why she has brought me to this clinic. If we have known that no X-Rays were needed, we would have gone to their branch at the East Point Mall instead since it is within walking distance from our house.

The vet didn't want to give any recommendation when jie jie ask if she should let me try some alternative treatment like acupuncture. All she says is that "You can try". She still thinks that nothing will help and it will be a waste of money. Before we go, she told jie jie to bring me back for review after 1 week when the medication has finished.

To be continued...

Here are some pictures of me taken on 7th August 2006.

See the bandage on my right leg? That's where the catheter was inserted.



Hi Princess Snowball, My brother Buddy (poodle-terrier) thinks that you are a CUTIE. He always falls for pretty little white girly doggies. He read your whole bloggie,and wants you to get better so he can see more pretty pictures of you. He especially likes the swimming pictures. Our Mom is soon going to take us swimming to a special doggie pool here in our city. She wants us all to learn to swim,so we will go swimming with her at the lake, but we are all afraid to going in past 4 inches. Come and see a picture of Buddy on our blog. We hope you feel better soon.
Woof woof from Casper, Buddy, Nikki and Winnie

hana said...

Hi there Princess Snowball, I saw your postie on Casper D Dog's blog. I am friends with Casper D Dog and also Casper and Pals.

I am sorry you have not been feeling well. Hopefully you will have a quick and speedy recovery, and feel better soon.