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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Botak aka Bald Puppies.

Hi all,

I have collected more evidents that my jie jie is truly nasty to the bone. She find all types of reasons to torture not only me but the puppies too. Can you guess what did she and Ruo Hui jie jie did to the poor puppies? They shave them bald!!! Can you believe it? According to they there are still crawlie eggs on them and in order to be able to kill the crawlies more effectively, the puppy needs to be shaved. (Pawsonally, I think that these are excuses! I hope she dun use this excuse to shave me bald too. Sigh...)

Some pictures of the pups before they are shaved.

Oh dear... Look at them. They are all bald now.
Poor puppies. Dun you think they look more like piglets now?

The 2 male puppies (first 2 from the left) are still up for adoption.
Please help to spread the words.

The black dog behind me is Niu Niu. She is the princess at Ruo Hui jie jie's home.
Because of the piglets aka puppies, we are both badly neglected by our jie jie.

I am being generous to let the piglets aka puppies use my blog for a while but please dun forget about pretty little me.

I am a sad girl for now cos jie jie is spending more time away from me when she should be by my side. I hope that the puppies get adopted soon so that I will have my jie jie back.

Have a good weekend, my pals.



Simba said...

Pink piggy puppies. Should we all be knitting jumpers for them! Should we call them all Shaun?

Simba xx

Maggie & Mitch said...

We hope the last 2 pups get adopted real soon so you can have your jie jie back, Snowball!
You're right - they do look like piglets! hehehehe

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Snowball!
Yes, they look like little piggies! But they are still very cute!
Paws crossed for them! I sure hope you find good homes for them!
I hope you are having a great weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

So adorable! We hope they wont be so cold during the night thou.

Boy n Baby

Sparky said...

Oh my goodness, what a difference between the furry pups and the naked ones! But I must say, their eyes are always the cutest little eyes I've ever seen!

I do hope they get adopted very quickly. It's no fun to have your human away from you for so long! I think your human should pay more attention to you. I hope all the pups find great homes!


Lacy said...

woofies and burfs snowball...dose puppies iz still sorrwy u jie jie iz not payin u the attention u deserve...she shood b home wiff u..

b safe,

4xBs said...

hi Snowball, we think those puppies are cute with or without hair. but mostly we just want the buggies to get off of them. that has to make them miserable.

we are sorry that your jie jie is ignoring you right now. but it is for a good cause. she has to help those puppies find good homes. she will come back to you soon, Snowball. don't be sad. we won't forget you.


Anonymous said...

Aww those poor little puppies look like they need some jumpers!! We hope it gets rid of the crawlies from them though.

And there's no way I could forget about beautiful you Snowball!!


Patience-please said...

You are being a very kind and understanding and generous Snowball! This too shall pass. We could never ever forget you.

wags from the whippets

Cassidy said...

Aw, poor Snowball. I'm sure you'll have jie jie's full attentions soon.

The puppies still seems happy and playful after they're shaved, tee hee!

Cassidy x

Joe Stains said...

Mom said those puppies are the cutest things ever and then I smacked her and reminded her whose blog she is reading and she corrected herself. YOU are the cutest, then the puppies, hair or no hair.

blingblingnauties said...

Wahahaaa.... piggies !!!! They are so lucky to have a proper place to stay .
Twister & Furby

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, I think look even much cuter when they're bald! They look like puppy Chihuahuas! I hope they all get adopted soon. They're too cute. How can they not get adopted fast?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

umekotyan said...

Good evening snowball.
Too, it is a cute puppy.
However, there is no hair.
It is pleased that there is no hair in Japan.
The injury is connected with the hair there. :)

from loved ume tyan

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

dear snowball.. you feeld sad?? why... your Jie Jie love your.. is a moment...
a big hug but if you feel to this form more time, please,, take a plane and go with us in spain.. our jefa give you a lot of love....
and us...

Peanut said...

Those puppies look funny bald but if it gets rid of the creepy crawlies that is good. We could never forget you snowball tell your jie jie to pay more attention to you

Amber said...

Hi Snowball! The puppies are so cute!! They are still cute after the shave. I'm glad the annoying crawlies are gone for good. I hope they get adopted to a lovely home soon!


Huskee Boy said...

The pups look like little mice!! But I think your Jie Jie shaved them for their own good... they look cute anyway!

Momo & Pinot said...

First of all, happy very-belated Blog Anniversary!! :)

So sorry that we haven't visited your blog. We just finished reading all your recent post. These pups are so adorable and we hope every single one finds a great family. We can't stop saying awwwwwwwww..........

Momo & Pinot