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Saturday, 7 April 2007


I was adviced by my doctor to do hydrotherapy regularly to strengthen the muscles around my spine to make it stronger.

My neighbour, Chilli the JRT, and I go swimming together bi-monthly.

Here are some pictures of me taken during my hydrotherapy session. Jie jie make me swim many laps every time. Its so tiring...

Chilli and I swimming together.

Jie jie, I had enough. I am turning back to take a break. See you at
the other side of the pool...

Let me sit back to watch my other friends play.

Chilli is ready for another dive. Don't she ever get tired of jumping into the water to fetch that torn frisbee ? (Jean jie jie, its time to buy her another one.... )

Hey pals, stop running around. Later your toe bleed again. Dun you ever learn your lesson?

Chilli is here again.

Let me show you what a good swimmer Chilli is.

She will do the same thing over and over again and never seems to get
sick of it, I still dun understand why.

Btw, although I go out with Chilli all the time, we never really play
with one another. We dun even acknowledge one another when we
meet during our walks in the neighbourhood. :D


Jean said...

Hi Hi

Snowball...this is Chilli's Jie Jie. Ha...Ha... I found you.

Yup I muz either get Chilli a new frisbee or at least fix the old one. But she's such a silly bean that she doesn't seem to notice. Let's see how long will that ratty frisbee last. Hee Hee

Anne said...

Hi Hi,

I am glad that you have found me...Thanks for visiting my blog. Chilli is so rough with her toys. I am sure any new toys you get for her will never last long. Hehehe...

Please remember our swimming appointment next Saturday. "Bu Jian Bu San"